The Best Motorcycle Adventure – Day 6 Namibia

With long trips it is always a good idea to throw in some rest days, not necessarily for resting, but if there are any problems you could need a day to catch up, rather than losing all your bookings. After discussing it with our group, we decided to rather have a few very short days and visit new lodges and locations, rather than sit in one place. Our focus on this trip was to spend as much time as possible exploring the Caprivi Strip of Namibia. Today was only 127km, so after a late breakfast we headed into the town of Rundu to replenish supplies. Again trying to avoid main roads, we rode the dirt roads along the Kavango River as we headed east. Not being in too much of a hurry, we stopped at a few small villages beside the road and chatted to the locals, who are always friendly.

With plenty of time in hand we arrived at Kayova River Lodge, and organised a boat trip on the river to take a closer look at the hippos.IMG_5770


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