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Terms & Conditions


All reservations and cancellations will only be acknowledged if received in writing, via email. A deposit of 50% of the total tour price is required at the time of booking as confirmation. However, in order to confirm a booking made within 60 days of the start of day 1 of the specific tour will require 100% payment of the total tour price. Your booking can only be guaranteed upon receipt of proof of payment ATA. Your written reservation and subsequent payment of the required amounts, serve as confirmation that you have accepted the terms and conditions relating to our tour packages, as provided on our website.

Responsibility and Prices

Items included in the tour price are stipulated in the tour itinerary and are also included as part of this contract. All expenses relating to items not expressly mentioned or listed as part of the tour package, will be for your own cost. Written quotations can be provided on request for any additional services not included in the tour package. Please feel free to make enquiries.

ATA is responsible for providing the services listed in the tour description and itinerary, in accordance with our local quality standards. We take full responsibility for travel preparations and while we carefully select and constantly check in on our contractors, such as accommodation and restaurant owners/managers, we cannot be held responsible for non-performance on their part, although we will take all reasonable steps to ensure excellent services and facilities.

While we constantly update all tour and rental prices, we reserve the right to change prices if forced to do so due to supplier/contractor cost amendments as these do not fall under our control. Any additional cost resulting from these price adjustments will be for your cost. We will however confirm prices prior to the commencement of your tour hoping that any last minute adjustments can be avoided or limited as far as possible. ATA reserves the right, without prior notice, to change routes and withdraw any part or all of a tour and to make such changes as may be necessary for purposes of safety and changing weather conditions, and any other reason that would require such changes. We will only do this if it were in the interest of our guests.

ATA is not responsible or liable for any accidents or damage as a result of negligence, either by us or our suppliers. While ATA will always try to ensure the safety of all tour group members, it is agreed and understood that the owners, operators and agents of this tour including ATA are not the guardians of any participant’s safety and that we (ATA and / or any of its employees), individually or collectively, cannot be held liable in any way for any occurrence in connection with the operation, or the client’s participation in connection with the tour, which might result in injury, death or other damage to the client, his property or his family, heirs or assigns.. The participant further agrees to participate at his/her own risk.


Up to 30 days prior to departure:
Client reimbursed 50% of total monies paid.


Cancellation fees are calculated based on the deposit paid to secure the tour package or rental. No refunds will be made to participants who drop out after the trip has commenced, or the rental bike has been handed over. We recommend that participants obtain trip cancellation insurance, from an insurance company or their respective travel agents in their country of residence. Insurance is not included in our prices

Damage to motorcycles

A damage deposit of R25 000-00 is payable on handing over and receipt/collection of each motorcycle. Please ensure that you have a Visa or MasterCard with sufficient available credit for this purpose. Upon collection of the motorcycle, each guest will be requested to sign a checklist confirming the condition of the motorcycle. It is the quest’s responsibility to ensure that all items are checked and agreed to as per checklist. Once returned and washed, each motorcycle will be inspected, and the cost of any damage caused during use will be deducted from the damage deposit paid, while the balance of the damage deposit will be refunded to the guest.


ATA assumes no responsibility for any loss, damage or delay in delivering luggage to tour participants. Luggage turned over to us for transport each day is done so at the participant’s own risk and luggage insurance is recommended. All participants are limited to two pieces of luggage per rider.

Non-observance of traffic laws and group travel regulations

If any of the participants do not comply with our traffic laws and/or the requirements for group travel, ATA reserves the right to cancel the transgressing individual’s tour, while no further use of the motorcycle will be allowed. Participants are responsible for any traffic fines received as a result of any traffic violation.

Photo and video material

All photos taken and videos produced by ATA or its representatives on tour are the property of ATA. The copyright thereof vests with us and we hold the right to use all of this material for advertising and marketing purposes, including images in which individual tour members can be recognised, without any charge from the tour member to ATA for the use of this material.

Weather conditions

Weather conditions can change suddenly and significantly, impacting on the tour. ATA cannot be held liable for unpleasant or unsuitable weather conditions and no refunds apply where weather conditions are less favourable.

Printing errors and calculation mistakes

ATA reserves the right to correct printing errors or calculation mistakes at any time. Should any clause in this document be found not to be in accordance to current South African law it shall be amended to the closest interpretation possible in letter and spirit. The rest of this document shall not be affected.

Acceptance of Terms and Condition/Waiver and Release

By booking and making payment for a rental or tour, the client expressly accepts the following declaration:

I am aware that motorcycling is a potentially dangerous and life-threatening activity. I herewith confirm that I am in the possession of a valid driving licence that entitles me to operate a Motorcycle with an engine capacity greater then 600ccm producing more than 30KW on South African roads. I have been briefed on how to safely operate the motorcycle and how to behave in South African traffic as well as on how to safely ride in a group. I will at all times adhere to the traffic laws and the rules of group travel and not endanger/damage any person or nature. I confirm that I am physically and mentally able to safely operate the motorcycle.

I agree that Africa Twin Adventures , its officers, directors, employees and agents (hereinafter, the “RELEASED PARTIES”) shall not be liable or responsible for injury or damage to me or my property during any activities or events organised by Africa Twin Adventures and resulting from acts or omissions occurring during the performance of the duties of the released parties, even where the damage is caused by negligence (except gross negligence or wilful intend) I understand and agree that all participants participate voluntary and at their own risk in all Africa Twin Adventures activities and assume all risks arising out of the conduct of such activities. I release and hold the released parties harmless from any loss of property, any injuries or trauma including death arising from me participating in the activities. I am solely responsible for any damages arising to persons and/or property as a direct result from me operating the motorcycle insofar as they are not covered by the relevant Insurance.

I understand that the released parties may take photographs at the events for use in Africa Twin Adventures related materials. I hereby confirm that I have no objection that my photograph is taken and used in this context and for this purpose.

By signing the release and authorization to photograph, I certify that I have read this release and fully understand it and that I am not relying on any statements or representations made by the released parties. Should any clause in this document not be in accordance to current South African law it shall be amended to the closest interpretation possible in letter and spirit. The rest of this document shall not be affected.

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