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About South Africa

Although South Africa is regarded a developing country, it has an excellent road network and is home to some of the best accommodation and restaurant options in the world. We have successfully hosted the Soccer World Cup, Rugby World Cup and Cricket World Cup tournaments, as well as many other international events. The Western Cape in particular is a world renowned tourist destination. Incidents of crime occur as they do anywhere in the world – and are often highly publicised – more than all the good the country has to offer. These unfortunate incidents are however mostly isolated to specific areas, or are the result of risky or irresponsible behaviour. Our tours do not visit so-called high risk areas and your local guide will always ensure your safety is our highest priority.

Please feel free to email any questions you may have regarding your safety or any other concern you may have.

South African roads present some of the most incredible motorcycle riding opportunities in the world. It has a network of high quality tarmac and dirt roads that stretches far and wide across the country. All dirt roads included on tours are of good quality, and provide access to the most beautiful countryside, villages and hamlets along the way – often not visible from the tarmac.

South Africa has no specific health issues that require compulsory vaccinations or immunisations prior to your visit.


While South Africa has many national languages, English is widely spoken and understood by all in the tourism industry. You may learn a few words from our other languages along the way as locals often use an interesting mix.


South Africa is known to offer some of the finest wining and dining in the world and all our accommodation options have been selected with this in mind. While traditional western cuisine is always available, you will also have the option to taste traditional South African food. Kindly note that breakfast and dinner is included in your tour price. We also stop for lunch at some of the finest restaurants available along the routes.

South African cities and towns all enjoy clean drinking water, but if you prefer bottled water this can be purchased virtually everywhere.

While predicted weather conditions can never be 100% guaranteed, the South African summers (November to March) are hot and our winters (June to August) mild, by European standards.

Whats Included in the price

All fuel used during the tour is included in the tour price.

All accommodation will be four and five star (local standards) and specially vetted to ensure you have luxury at your fingertips after every day’s riding. Our aim is to showcase the best the country has to offer in terms of accommodation and hospitality and no expense has been spared in selecting our partners.

Breakfasts and dinners are included in the tour price. Lunch and/or snacks as well as alcohol and beverages will be for your own cost.

ATA provides you with one of our 2016 Honda Africa Twin motorcycles. We own all the motorcycles used, and they are in pristine condition. If you require a helmet, jacket or gloves, these are also provided at no extra cost. All items are to be returned to ATA upon completing the tour.



We use the new 2016 Honda CRF1000L Africa Twin. Unlike most other tour operators, we own all the motorcycles used for the tours, which enables us to ensure that each motorcycle is properly maintained and in perfect running condition. We believe that the Africa Twin is the ideal motorcycle for touring South Africa, offering a low seat height and smooth power, making it easy and a joy to ride.


You are most welcome to use your own motorcycle, although the logistics involved with travelling from abroad may be quite a challenge. You will be required to ensure that the shipping of your motorcycle is done timeously so as to ensure that it arrives in Cape Town, is customs cleared and un-crated prior to the commencement of your tour. If you decide to use your own motorcycle, your tour cost will be adjusted accordingly. Any bikes are welcome and we are happy to advise on suitability should you prefer to ride your own.



  • Passport (valid for your trip – check on visa requirements for your specific country, ensure your passport is current and in good order)
  • The relevant visa as required for a visit to South Africa.
  • International motorcycle driver’s license / permit (Riders must be over 25 yrs)
  • Personal accident cover, medical insurance / medical aid documentation

Please view our Terms & Conditions.

Luggage: A Maximum of two standard-sized suitcases per person and a small rucksack or money belt to carry your wallet and small items needed while riding, is allowed for.

Riding kit: Helmets are mandatory in South Africa, but can be provided by Africa Twin Adventures on request. Tinted visors are legal and can be worn, as we will only be riding during daylight. Helmets, gloves, protective jackets and at least jeans to be worn at all times while riding. Rain proof kit is advisable for your own personal comfort during our winter tours.

Casual wear: Most hotels require closed shoes and long trousers to be worn to the evening meal, ties are not required and not advised, neat-casual will be adequate. Ladies may wear sandals.

Other: Swim suit, beach towel, sandals, (flip-flops) shorts, T-shirts, hat/cap. Our South African sun can be relentless especially during the warmer months and is much more intense than experienced elsewhere in the world. A very good and high factor sunblock is therefore advised. Please note that this is not a complete list but serves as a guideline.

Flying to SA

Your point of entry is Cape Town International Airport, which has been voted the best airport in Africa. It is a 20-minute drive away from the ATA Offices as well as the City of Cape Town. ATA staff will take care of your transfers between the airport and your hotel on arrival and departure.


Africa Twin Adventures staff members are all qualified in basic first aid. For incidents that require additional or more specific medical treatment, we arrange for evacuation to the closest most appropriate hospital. Private hospitals in South Africa are of a high standard. Please ensure that your medical insurance is in order.



We recommend the purchase of comprehensive travel insurance, covering trip cancellation for medical reasons; trip delay; medical expenses; accidental death; lost baggage; medical evacuation etc.


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