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About Us…

Africa Twin Adventures is a motorcycle touring company based in Cape Town South Africa. We pride ourselves in offering exclusive, bespoke luxury motorcycle tours in South Africa.

Gavin Dahms, the owner of the business, was born in Cape Town. Through his passion for his hometown and the wider Western Cape region, motorcycle riding and nature, the idea of exclusive adventure riding tours in the area came about, and Africa Twin Adventures was born. With 15 years of hard-core motorcycle trips under the belt, Gavin realised as he was also getting a little older, that the luxury of high standard accommodation and meals are as important as the ride and the views to make a tour a truly unforgettable experience.

We understand that traveling at speed to reach destinations can be exhilarating. This is why a high number of South African motorcycle tour operators focus predominantly on the actual riding to be done daily. The truth is that during a high-paced tour, you invariably miss a lot along the way, not having enough time to enjoy the scenery and breathe in the fresh air.

What makes us different…

ATA believes we distinguish ourselves from other tour operators in that we take exceptional care to offer and ensure amazing rides and tour options, while paying as much attention to the comfort and enjoyment factor during the ride and also when not on the motorcycle. If you are going to visit South Africa why not enjoy the best there is to offer. ATA therefore focuses on shorter daily distances, providing enough time to take in the sights, sounds along the way, as well as everything the beautiful countryside has to offer. This approach results in safer riding as riders don’t have to struggle to keep up with a group and can pay particular notice to their own safety on the road and riding. A back-up vehicle is provided for each tour and follows the riders, and riders therefore don’t have to carry luggage on the motorcycles. Each of our tours can therefore be described as an exclusive, luxury and enjoyable riding experience.

All accommodation and meal options have been carefully selected while considering quality. We believe that the selected options are the best available in the areas visited.

While many other tour operators use hired motorcycles for their tours, ATA is he proud owner of its newly purchased fleet of new Honda Africa Twin motorcycles. Having a real and vested interest in these bikes, we take exceptional care of our assets and ensure that they are in mint condition for our guests. We want our guests to experience the sheer enjoyment of being able to ride an iconic motorcycle in excellent running condition. We would not have been able to guarantee this if we were not the owners of our bikes. This we believe is part of the exclusivity and luxury we offer as part of our tour packages.

The ethos of quality and service is what ATA is all about. We take the guess work and hidden costs out of your budget planning, by including the cost of motorcycles, riding kit, meals, fuel and accommodation in our tour prices. While other tour operators charge separately for tyres and backup vehicles, these costs are all included by ATA. Our staff members are, apart from being great fun, highly experienced in motorcycle riding and adventures and have been trained to ensure you’re your Africa Twin Adventure tour is truly an unforgettable experience.

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