The Best Motorcycle Adventure – Day 19 Namibia / South Africa

All tarred roads back to Cape Town today, and with 682km to cover, we made an early start.


After spending every day riding in 30 degrees Celsius and above, it was a chilly day back to Cape Town, but the good roads meant we could keep the speeds up and enjoy the twisty sections through the mountains. A quick stop for lunch, and we arrived back in Cape Town mid-afternoon. With the foreigners needing to get back to their hotels and the locals needing to vote in the local elections, we dropped the bikes off and said our goodbyes. It all seemed to come to an end very quickly, but the friendships formed will last a lifetime. For nine people to spend 19 days together without a single issue, is amazing, and while good planning for a trip like this is always important, it is ultimately the people on the trip that determine if it’s a success or not.


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