The Best Motorcycle Adventure – Day 18 Namibia

This was going to be our last evening together as a group, so in true South African style we thought the only fitting way to celebrate a great tour would be with a braai (barbeque). Fortunately our back-up crew jumped at any opportunity to cook for us.

After buying supplies for the evening we hit the dirt roads to Felix Unite, our last overnight spot.



Located on the banks of the Orange River, not only is a very scenic location, it is 15km from the border post, making an early crossing easy into South Africa easy.

Once again we rode fantastic dirt roads, twisting between the canyons and dunes of Southern Namibia, a very dry area, but boasting spectacular skies and scenery.

A relatively early arrival allowed us a swim in the river, and our back-up drivers even managed to both catch a fish before preparing us a great meal.

Usually trips this long can get tiring, but with the sun setting to the cry of African Fish Eagles overhead, we were all a little sad the trip was coming to an end.



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